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I ran across an article a few weeks ago from a guy named Jeff Henderson that listed these questions. I ran them past our staff & it led to a surprisingly lively, productive, planning session for the future. If you are reading this a while after I publish this, these questions are geared towards this current Coronavirus Crisis we are in.

I encourage you to think these through in regards to your personal life as well as in your spheres of influence!

  1. Before the crisis, what would you say is essential?

  2. During the crisis, what have you done without?

  3. After the crisis, what do you need to leave behind?

When I asked our staff this question we looked at this from two different lenses, the church as a whole and our workplace environment.

What did we think we needed to leave behind with the church as a whole?

The first thing we were all in agreement with is maybe we have been overdoing it a bit with all the food and snacks provided at pretty much every physical church gathering...

This admittedly seems like an odd starting place, but we quickly realized that we have saved thousands of dollars over the past six weeks on food purchases alone. The game plan moving forward is yes let's still provide food and snacks for all of our awesome home teamers (home team is what we call all of our volunteer teams) but let's simplify the selection and purchase more in bulk to save time, money, and resources.

What did we think we needed to leave behind with our workplace environment?

If someone would have told me this 8 weeks ago I would have never believed them....

We have been so much more efficient working as a fully digital team. And not only more efficient but more importantly our staff has never been closer and on the same page.

Moving forward, we are planning to continue to allow most of our staff to work remotely and have a one day a week "Everybody In" office day for longer staff meetings and other team meetings.

How about you?

What would you say you need to leave behind in your personal life or in the teams you lead after this is all said in done?

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