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I'm On Fire | Pastor Sam Hamstra | Pentecost Weekend At Anthem Church
Get It Right | Pastor Sam Hamstra | Anthem Church
Count On It | Pastor Sam Hamstra | Mother's Day Weekend
The Dignity, Community, & Blessing of God | Dave Prince | Anthem Voices Weekend
If You Say So | Malcolm Maholmes | Anthem Voices Weekend
The Secret | Kristian Black | Anthem Voices Weekend
How Dark Is Your Light | Pastor Christian Washington | Anthem Church
If It Seems Slow In Coming... | Pastor Sam Hamstra | Anthem Church
Until Then | Pastor Sam Hamstra | Anthem Church
Stay Here | Pastor Isaac Robinson | Anthem Church
Yes I Will | Obedient•ish | Pastor Sam Hamstra
Overflow | Healing & Deliverance | Anthem Church
Do It Afraid | Obedient•ish | Pastor Sam Hamstra
For Such A Time As This | Obedient•ish | Pastor Christian Washington
No More Ish | Obedient•ish | Pastor Sam Hamstra
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